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Gym Hours

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Step 2 Choose Membership

Amazing Amenities Included With All Plans. Pricing Based on ACH Autopay.

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With a one time fee of ${{plan.fee.ListPrice}} ${{plan.fee.ListPrice}} ${{plan.fee.PromoPrice}}

${{plan.fee.ListPrice}} ${{plan.fee.ListPrice}} ${{plan.fee.PromoPrice}} One Time Fee

Exclusive to this plan

Clubs you can access:
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Step 3 Choose Additional Amenities

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Step 4 Member Information

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Step 5 Payment Information

Payment Information

Thank you for choosing ACH! you are saving ${{chosen_plan.ACHDiscountAmount}}/month on your membership 💪

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Step 6 Review and Submit

Membership Summary

Monthly Dues

Billed the first of every month

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Monthly Total ${{guid_local.MonthlyDues.toFixed(2)}}/month

Due Now

Includes one-time charges and prorated dues

{{item.AgeGroupName}} - {{item.ItemName}} ${{item.Price.toFixed(2)}}
Total Due Now ${{guid_local.DueNow.toFixed(2)}}


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